Old Pictures of Dogs Pulling Carts
Most pictures are of dogs pulling milk wagons, others appear as general transport, circa 1910.
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The section below from Belgium


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Old lady and dog with cart

Dog with cart, SMD*

Dog cart & woman

Three dog team, dog on left SMD*

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Four dog team with inspector.

Four dog team.

Five dog team.

Five dog team.

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 Inspector chatting with deliverers.

Lady and two dog team.

Four dog team.

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Inspector and lady.

SMD with Lady.


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Milk deliverers

Preparing for the day.

Dog cart & two ladies

Two dogs, woman & inspector.

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Two dogs with man & woman

Two dogs with man & woman

One dog team possibly SMD*


This group is from Switzerland


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Enlargement of right

Luzerner Milchman

Luzerner Milchman

Saint Bernard team with boy.

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Luzern Milchman

Enlargement of left


This group from Canada


Cards below from Holland

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Two dogs possibly SMDs* dressed with hats and pipes, pulling cart and boy, and small girl at spinning wheel

Enlarged image of previous.


One dog cart with boy.


Three dogs pulling man.


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       Woman, girl & dog with cart.


*SMD =

Swiss Mt. Dog Type